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ElectricBrands to build Isetta micro-electric car

Trident XBUS is very excited to announce that ElectricBrands have acquired Artega, the manufacturer of the KARO - a modern take on the classic Isetta micro-car. The new model will be joining the XBUS as another sustainable, eco-friendly electric car boasting a modern retro style.

The new classic Isetta-inspired micro-electric car
The new classic Isetta-inspired micro-electric car

A sustainable future

For months now there has been speculation about the "economic restructuring process" announced on Artega's website. Now at last the secret is out - ElectricBrands have acquired 100% of the German vehicle manufacturer.

Driving in urban areas can be expensive, with congestion charging, wasted fuel in congested traffic, and the high cost of parking. Both ElectricBrands and Artega believe that the answer is small electric mobility solutions - lightweight, efficient, and built sustainably.

A lightweight vehicle with the same design principles as the XBUS, it has been able to slot perfectly into the ElectricBrands range.

A Retro Runabout

The most striking feature of this "bundle of fun" is its front-opening door. At just 2.48 metres long and 1.50 metres wide, the KARO can even park sideways! With a range of up to 200 kilometres, the KARO is ideal for urban driving, but can reach an emissions-free top speed of 90-kph.

Final development

The new electric two-seater micro-car is to be launched under a new name in early 2023. Homologation (Type Approval) has already been obtained; so nothing stands in the way of production for this miniature car.

The first cars are to be launched on the market in early 2023, and the first year should see 30,000 cars roll off the production line.

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