• Christopher Roberts

Trident becomes official eBussy dealer

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

On 6th January 2021, Trident Garages completed the final hurdle towards becoming an official eBussy dealer for ElectricBrands.

eBussy is short for 'electric bus system'. Its maximum range without charging, with full battery and solar modules is over 600 km. With more than 10 modular and interchangeable bodies, it can be transformed into a convertible, off-roader, box body, station wagon, pick-up or van and camping bus in just a few steps.

Quite simply the eBussy is the most innovative and modular light vehicle in the world.

Richard Roberts, Managing Director or Trident Garages, writes:

We're so excited to be joining eBussy, and playing a part in a revolution in green motoring.
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