Battery icon

With the ability to add or replace battery modules at any time, you only need to buy the capacity you actually need for your daily use. Planning a holiday - why not rent or buy additional battery modules when you actually need them?

Charging icon

Whether you want to recharge your XBUS at the household socket, at high voltage or just by the sun, everything is possible. Alternatively, you can exchange your empty batteries for full ones at our battery exchange stations.

Sunshine icon

Equipped with solar panels in the roof and regenerative braking, the XBUS gains another 124 miles per day.

ECO leaf icon

The XBUS is built from materials such as natural fibres, composites, aluminium, steel, wood and recyclable plastics, making it 98% recyclable. This means that the XBUS is emission-free and 'green' after fewer than 6,000 miles, compared to conventional electric vehicles which are only 'green' when they have covered 25,000 miles.

Shield icon

Light but safe. The XBUS has a passenger safety cell and a crash box integrated in the front area and much more.

Lego modular icon

The different modules of the XBUS can be exchanged and extended according to the "Lego principle".

  • You need only one: having bought your XBUS, you can then buy additional cabin modules to expand its usability.

  • Re-use your modules: if you decide to replace your base chassis, you can continue to use your existing cabin modules.

  • Share your modules: share your modules with friends and family.

Strong arm icon

The XBUS brings about 1,000 Nm torque to the road, enough for your private and commercial needs.

Weighing scales icon

With only 450/600 kg empty weight, the XBUS belongs to the homologation class: L7e-B2.